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This blog is extra or less a listing of the innovative projects i do for myself (or occasionally seasoned bono for a person else). This is not my portfolio.

I take customers from time to time on a freelance basis, however for the maximum element i do my own component. I have located that my ardour for graphic layout is bigger than any task i've ever done for someone else. It increases my vocabulary. It empowers me to speak with readability. It cultivates my private logo. I utilize my graphic design capabilities to share the creative things i do with you. That is what this blog is set.

I assume if i honestly desired to i ought to practice at every printing press in sunnyvale or anywhere, and settle for some underneath-paid gig with 0 creative nurturing. Screw that. I would as an alternative learn how to knit, or draw hands all day, so that is what i do.

Over the past few years this blog has been right here absorbing the little initiatives i maintain to myself: my drawings, digital doodlings, yarn abominations, procrastinated private projects and personal creative triumphs all emerge as here.

Those are the things i love to do and talk about.

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